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Land claim victory births five star ecotourism destination

A succesful land claim by a South African community forcibly removed during Apartheid has now resulted in the creation of a brand new five-star ecotourism destination, offering international investors the unique opportunity to own a prime piece of game reserve.

The 3852 ha farm adjoining the southern boundary of the Kruger National Park in the Mpumalanga province has been returned to the Lugedlane community, who in turn  signed a memorandum of understanding with a Johannesburg based developer to create an exciting new private game reserves and real estate investment opportunity.

The resulting Mjejane Game Reserve stretches all the way from the N4 to the Kruger Park. It shares 10km of river frontage with the Kruger National Park.

Photos taken at the Mjejane Game Reserve

The Lugedlane community was forcibly removed from the land between 1926 and 1953. In 1993 the then Department of Native Affairs sold the land to a Malaysian Company known as the Kingsland Investment Company. The land was never developed and the Malaysian Company withdrew their initial development plan when South Africa introduced its land reform programme. The Lugedlane community includes 5000 households who lodged a combined claim called the Greater Tenbosch Land Claim.

Now the Lugedlane community will benefit from the development of Mjejane Game Reserve while at the same time seeing the land conserved. What makes this specific property so desirable from an investment point of view is that at 4000 ha it represents the last extensive tract of pristine indigenous bush bordering onto the Crocodile River which forms the southern boundary of the world famous Kruger National Park.

In this highly sought after area there simply is no more available land with undisturbed bush for further developments such as Mjejane Game Reserve.The property enjoys 10 kilometres of fabulous Crocodile River frontage and of historical significance and of considerable comfort to investors, Mjejane Game Reserve is a fully settled land claim and is now a joint development with the Mjejane community.

The vision for Mjejane Game Reserve is for it to be incorporated into the Greater Kruger National Park - the 11km fence which seperated the properties has now been removed, making this a true Big 5 reserve.

The real estate investment opportunities on offer include premium riverfront stands with awesome views of the Crocodile River and Kruger Park, game reserve stands away from the river and 1ha stands for Private One Hectare Stands sleeping up to 14 people each. Architectural guidelines will dictate the style and feel of development in the game reserve.

All of these features combined make Mjejane Game Reserve a highly desirable investment proposition that is certain to deliver healthy returns into the future.

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